Livy Broussard

We are so excited to honor Livy Broussard in our very first Volunteer Spotlight. Livy doesn't exactly need a spotlight, because she is her own brilliant ray of sunshine—radiating kindness and warmth! 

Livy began volunteering with Young Authors Greenhouse once a week—but before we knew it, she was coming all three days and helping at every volunteer event outside of the YABP. Livy is studying Social Work at U of L—her strength in this area is sparkling clear. Livy's empathetic listening helps our students feel heard. She cultivates a brave space for our students, a place where they feel safe to talk about things that are “uncomfy”—a word that Livy has introduced to our vocabulary. Livy's energy emanates in the classroom and she is able to help the most reluctant students find their creative spark! Livy, in your own words, you make our hearts squishy! We could go on, but we'll turn it over to Damari, one of the students at Livy's table:

Dear Livy,

I'm Damari and I'm eleven years old. I am writing to you because I wanted to say thank you for helping me realize that I love to write. You're sweet as candy and that helped me.

Writing actually got my mind to work, when you helped me. I really want to know if I'm going to have a future because of you. I really want to know more about you.

You're funny as a monkey. You're sweet as smarties. You're kind as an angel. You're really magical like a fairy. I hope you enjoyed your letter.

                                             Love, Damari

PS, Tell Justin the same things from this letter.