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Young Authors BOok Project

This fall, we are continuing our partnership with Olmsted Academy South! During the fall semester, we'll spend three hours a week with a class of seventh-grade girls. These students will read, reimagine, and write fairytales. Their stories will show that girls have all the armor they need to tackle current issues—words, friendship, and imagination!

 In the spring semester, sixth-graders will write poems to encourage social change. Their work will revolve around community, feminism, and identity—and how those things intersect.

We will publish all the work from these young writers in a book! 

dates & times

Starting August 28!

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays


Olmsted Academy South




Writers room at olmsted academy south

Twice a week, students come to our enchanted forest of learning at Olmsted Academy South. Volunteers help students with homework and the daily writing prompt! 

dates & times

Starting August 28!

Tuesdays and Thursdays

2:30-5:15pm  (split into two sessions: 2:30-4 & 4:15-5:15—you can stay for both or pick which one fits your schedule)



Olmsted Academy South



after-school tutoring — Portland

We are thrilled to offer after-school tutoring at our very own space in Portland in Spring 2019! Students will recieve homework help and academic support. Our volunteers are engaged, energetic community members who believe that one-on-one support leads to success in learning. Students will also have creative writing and publishing opportunities! 




Writing Roadshows

Writing Roadshows are one to two hour, pre-set, high energy writing lesson plans for elementary and high school. Teachers select one of the following Roadshow plans:

  • Elementary & Middle School Poetry:
    “I am From”—Poems about Place
    Students brainstorm important people, memories, places, animals, and objects in their life. Then, using sensory details, vivid imagery, and similes, students write poems that explore the many things that help shape their identities.
  • Elementary School Fiction:
    Our grumpy editor wants something new to read! Students are challenged to write a brand-new, completely original story. As a class, the writers brainstorm characters, setting, and plot points. Together, they write the beginning and middle of the story, then each student works to create an ending on their own. When the writers are finished, they send their stories to be approved by our editor—who just so happens to be in a generous mood.

  • High School Essay:
    “I Remember” Memoir Writing
    Students use the prompt “I Remember” to begin growing a fragment of memory into a reflective narrative—focusing on description and sensory detail. This lesson plan can spark the beginning of a college entrance essay!

Once you request a roadshow, we will be in touch to let you know if we are able to hold a Writing Roadshow in your class. If we move forward with planning, we will confirm a date and start recruiting volunteers!

We seek to partner with teachers working within schools that are located in traditionally underserved neighborhoods. Our priority zip codes are 40212, 40203, 40202, 40210, 40211, and 40215. Our ability to hold a roadshow at your school depends on our capacity and funding.

dates & times

                                        Start date TBD!

                             Mondays and Wednesdays



Future Programs

We will be a field trip destination for classes to engage in fun and zany writing workshops where students will write individually and as a group. At the end, the writing will be bound into books and each student will take a copy home. 

We will offer a variety of writing workshops to help foster creativity and strengthen writing skills. All of the workshops are taught by volunteer writers, teachers, and artists in the community.