September 2018

“‘We’ve been working with (the students) for the last week on these songs, we’d been in our own small group,’ said James. ‘But then yesterday, I heard everybody else’s songs, and it was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe how good each song was. I was like, is this really as good as I think it is? And it’s like, yeah, it’s really that good.’”

"Dave Eggers and Jim James kick off Young Authors Greenhouse fundraising push with star-studded concert”
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September 2018

“Imagine if twins who can’t agree on anything inherited a shop from their parents. That's the premise for the Portland shop.”

"Portland is getting a funky, new writing clinic for young authors”
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January 2018

“Our dream is to see students’ minds open and pencils move. Our vision is to be a go-to organization for people who want to volunteer in support of our public schools, especially for literacy and for schools in the most traditionally underserved areas of our city.”

"Sharing Young Voices"
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December 2017

“They’re pretty excited, but they’re also brilliant,” says James. “A lot of the things they say, they have this fresh, truthful way that only kids have.”

"Jim James and Teddy Abrams share the magic of songwriting with students"
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August 2017

“I’ve seen how students who are able to write well and learn how to express themselves are more successful in other areas of their life and in other subjects. It boosts confidence.”

"Young Authors Greenhouse Teaches Girls to Find Power in Their Voices"
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