In-School and Community Projects

Our in-school and community projects are designed to meet the needs of teachers and community organizations around the city. We bring YAG staff and volunteers to support existing work or think up new ideas! Do you have an idea for a collaboration in your space or ours? We want to hear your most imaginative and out-there dreams and see how we can work together to make them happen!

All of our programs are completely free-0f-charge! Fill out an application below to either request a roadshow or pitch a new idea!


Roadshows are one-time, pre-set, high-energy writing lesson plans for middle and high schoolers. Teachers can choose a workshop from the menu. We bring in a team of engaged volunteers to sit with students in small groups and encourage them through the writing process. We can bring a roadshow to your school on Tuesday or Thursday mornings. Our roadshows are fun, collaborative, exciting—and encourage students to be proud of their ideas.

Please note that we only offer two roadshows per month, so we do limit one per classroom.

Roadshow Menu:


Writing type: Poetry

Grades: 6-8

Students will push past the notion that we are “from” just one place and explore all the things that make us who we are—memories, language, movement, family, friends, and food. Students will use “Golden Details” (sensory, simile, alliteration, and personification) to make their poems shine!


Writing type: Informational, Narrative, STEM

Grades: 6-12

In this STEAM-based lesson, students will create their own world through a science fiction story—mapping out the landscape, societal structures, and other elements into the universe they create. Teachers tell us what standards and vocabulary they want their students to use and we weave that into the story—giving both students and teachers the flexibility and creativity they need.


Writing type: Poetry

Grades: 9-12

Poetry can be a powerful tool for social change. In this roadshow, students will see how poems have the ability to expose political and social issues, raise awareness, and bring people together in hope and action. Each student will add to the conversation by writing their own call-to-action poem that amplifies a topic they are passionate about.

Chapbook Series

Our chapbook series is a limited, two-week, ten-session project. Teachers propose a project idea and collaborate with our program staff to develop the curriculum. Young Authors Greenhouse brings in a team of volunteers to help with the writing and revision process. Then, at the end, the students will be published in a chapbook—a small bound anthology. We will celebrate with a release party in your class! If you are interested in being a part of our 2020 Chapbook Series, pitch it using the application below!