This fall, Young Authors Greenhouse will become a destination for elementary classroom field trips! Our Storytelling and Bookmaking: Conflict Resolution field trip provides a fun and exciting writing experience where students write stories to show our always-arguing twin bosses how to resolve conflict. At the end of the field trip, every student will leave with a bound copy of the book that they created!

This field trip covers story arc: characters, problem, setting, resolution; dialogue, description, ways to resolve conflict: share/listen to feelings, respect differences, empathize, brainstorm solutions.

This program will not only help students with important socio-emotional skills but will align with  Common Core Writing Standards and Backpack of Skills: Writing Anchor Standards K-5: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.W.3, Production and Distribution Anchor Standard K-5: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.W.4, Backpack of Skills: Global and Culturally Competent Citizen and Effective Communicator 

key details:

  • We book field trips on Monday and Wednesday mornings, 10am-12pm, September 16-December 2.

  • We take one class per field trip, grades 1-5.

  • We prioritize schools from zip codes identified in the Greater Louisville Project’s 2015 Report on Poverty, but any school within JCPS can participate. Our program is free of cost to schools.

    • Priority area 1 = 40212, 40203, 40202, 40210, 40211, 40215

    • Priority area 2 = 40208, 40213, 40214, 40218, 40219

    • Priority area 3 = 40216, 40272

Through our field trips, we foster partnerships with teachers and schools in the community and hope to stay connected beyond this one-time offering.

If you teach at a school in one of these zip codes, we encourage you to fill out the application below for a field trip! Email our program manager Hannah Rose ( if you have any questions!