This fall, Young Authors Greenhouse will become a destination for elementary classroom field trips! Our Storytelling and Bookmaking: Conflict Resolution field trip provides a fun and exciting writing experience where students write stories to show our always-arguing twin bosses how to resolve conflict. At the end of the field trip, every student will leave with a bound copy of the book that they created!

This field trip covers story arc: characters, problem, setting, resolution; dialogue, description, ways to resolve conflict: share/listen to feelings, respect differences, empathize, brainstorm solutions.

We book field trips on Monday and Wednesday mornings, 10am-12pm, August 26-December 2. We take one class per field trip, grades 1-5.

We prioritize schools from zip codes identified in the Greater Louisville Project’s 2015 Report on Poverty, but can serve any school within JCPS. Our program is free of cost to schools.

Priority area 1 = 40212, 40203, 40202, 40210, 40211, 40215

Priority area 2 = 40208, 40213, 40214, 40218, 40219

Priority area 3 = 40216, 40272

Through our field trips, we foster partnerships with teachers and schools in the community and hope to stay connected beyond this one-time offering.

If you teach at a school in one of these zip codes, we encourage you to fill out the application below for a field trip! Email our program manager Hannah Rose ( if you have any questions!